The Perils of Plein Air

Every artist that has painted outside has a story to tell. It could be about the weather being horrible, bugs chomping on every inch of flesh, the sun mercilessly beating down with a chorus of, "HOW could I forget my HAT?!" pounding in the artist's ears. Here in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, there are situations that occur that make outdoor art practices more...interesting! One autumn afternoon, my life partner Yannick and I decided to spend the day beside the Kootenay River. We had everything: a thermos of coffee, camp chairs, a book for him, painting supplies for me. It...

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Memories and Mentors

One of the joys of painting is the fact that you can re-visit places from the past by holding your brushes. I recently "returned" to Stratford, Ontario, to the Avon River. I was last there in 1986, feeding the swans every day in the sunshine until I had to dress to attend a performance in the evening. A magical time, swans and Shakespeare. Here is the recent acrylic painting that transported me back: Painting also makes me think of mentors that have touched my life. I wouldn't be here, creating art, living my life as I do, without their examples:...

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