There is Only One You

The call came on a Tuesday. As we hear on the news, the Canadian health care system is scrambling in order to function properly. Like many folks, I was on a waiting list for surgery. I even went so far as to put myself on a "short notice" list in case there was a cancellation.

So...the pleasant lady on the phone asked if I could get to the hospital, (TWO hours away) the NEXT DAY?!! Short notice indeed! it was a bit of a scramble; my better half Yannick managed to get the day off from his job, so thankfully he could drive me there and home again. We also explained to my wonderful dog that we were having an "adventure", which is what we say to prepare her for a long ride in the truck. So, the next day, I had the surgery done and am now on the healing side of things, which I much prefer to the dreaded "anticipation of upcoming surgery" side.

I'm always telling you how important it is to grab the moment and live to the utmost. Now, I have to add the phrase, "Even if it isn't going to be fun". Making health a priority means sometimes making decisions that alter your life for a bit and doing what you're told. (Sigh...NOT easy!!!)

For the next little while, I will be doing what the experts have told me to do. Sit quietly and REST. They also told me to avoid lifting heavy things for the next six weeks or so. This means that my sturdy, (but heavy!) French easel will stay at home for now. I am making the best of the situation by sketching on my lap and knitting like a whirlwind, from the best seat in the house, the "comfy" chair!

Sometimes, we think we know SO much. We want to demand what we THINK we need, struggling to listen to reason. In the operating room, before I went into the DEEP sleep, I had a moment to think. What I realized was that as an artist, I devote HOURS per week just to STUDY trees. The twisting roots, the gnarled bark, the shapes that occur when sunlight shines through the leaves and dapples the ground. All of that study, just to (hopefully!) draw and paint trees that are believable. It struck me suddenly, the combined level of knowledge in that operating room. Every person in there, (my team!): the surgeon, an assistant, at least three nurses and an anesthesiologist, had devoted countless hours to learn how to keep people healthy. My study is devoted to creating pretty pictures. Those folks studied how to keep me alive. A humbling thought.

So, while I take it easy and get well, I'm asking you to go outside and take a walk. Just for you. There is only one you and I'm here to tell you how special you are, in case it's slipped your mind in the usual busy days of summer. Saunter along and savour the day. Soon, I'll be back out there too!

Thank you for spending this time with me,

Lori   xx

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