It seems that there are always bits of paper in my hands so I can make a list. It's not only the groceries that are needed to stock the pantry, but notes to myself in real time conversation. I'm still kicking myself that I used a GOOD calligraphy pen to scrawl my library card number on my desk blotter in my impatience of having to look it up yet again.

A list enables me to write the idea down so my mind is free to create; finding the mixes of the shades of green I need for a painting, or the stitches that are repeated in a knitting pattern.

There is a clip board near my desk with a list of my dream art supplies; from Blackwing Drawing Pencils that cost a small fortune to a Tombow Sand Eraser which, "they" say, can erase coloured pencil and ballpoint pen marks. That eraser is in my future: SOON.

Another list of mine is one only I can decipher. It's written in quilter's code. One entry is: ROAR Blocks. Let me explain: I found some fabric that has the word ROAR in bright red, blue, orange and yellow letters. Later, in my stash of bits and pieces bin, I found fabric with the lions themselves. The final additions to the pile were brightly coloured strips that played well with the others. So, all I need to see are the words ROAR Blocks and I know it's the next quilt I want to make to donate to a children's charity. Perhaps the lions will help the child find courage or in a vulnerable moment, provide emotional protection.

There are lists I've made of books I MUST read: more writers who worked for the New Yorker, more poetry by Billy Collins, more memoirs by personal heroes. I recently discovered a wondrous film of the work In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki, so that book waits for me, hidden in a dark corner of a used bookstore for now.

Friends, you have read my musings so patiently! I am thrilled to be able to reward your companionship by inviting you to an art show in Vancouver B.C.! Don't worry, no travel involved, as I am enclosing a link here:

I am honoured and humbled to have one of my paintings included in the Annual International Mail In Art Exhibition (AIMAE) at the Federation Gallery of Canadian Artists. The theme of the show is Recovery.

The descriptive sentence I included with my painting is, "As the wetlands recovers from winter's cold and ice, we recover from battling the 21st Century plague".

As always,

Thank you for spending this time with me. Enjoy the show!!!

Lori   xx

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