Tea...and a Secret!

It happens quickly, my reaction; it causes me to yell out loud. The influx of videos: someone pours tea; slowly, barely dripping the water into the cup, the steam gently rising. It's all about the sigh they expect you to have; the quiet...THIS is the answer of how to have a great life in this New Year...

These calm souls slice bread too, a serrated knife barely cracking the surface as they gently saw away for what seems like hours. THIS is how to appreciate your food...

Sigh...unless you're me, shaking with fury, screaming at the person's hands as they slice, "Don't you have MUSCLES?! Slice that %$&*&% BREAD!!!

If you are in my kitchen and I am pouring tea, I'm dumping hot water into the pot so I can turn back to see you and continue our conversation. You are a treasure in my day and all I want to do is enjoy a special moment with you.

I have participated in tea ceremonies and still treasure the memory of them. One was with a woman whose serenity was otherworldly and I understood the privilege of that moment. The other time was when Yannick's adventure loving parents, Claude and Nicole, returned from their trip to China. Nicole explained the history of the ceremony, then we sat and savoured the tea; an unforgettable family celebration.

The videos in this New Year about calm, quiet and how to "re-set" your life have their place. However, I believe we are being split in two: frantic rushing through our days until we can settle down and reflect while we pour tea over leaves, imagining a camera capturing our quiet smiles.

There was one person I knew who had a secret to having the best day possible. I am sharing it with you and hope you pass it on to those you love. I want you to have a great life and this may help.

My Dad's routine didn't solve every problem or ensure that the day was perfect, but he was able to begin each day with a smile on his face, ready to brave Montreal traffic and deal with difficult people. In the morning, as he dressed for work and tied his tie, he sang these words, (in my opinion, even better than Gordon MacRae who sang it in the musical, Oklahoma!)

"Oh, what a beautiful mornin',

Oh, what a beautiful day!

And I've got a beautiful feelin'

Everything's goin' my way."

Thank you for spending this time with me,

Lori   xx

P.S. I am honoured to tell you that my painting, "Master of All He Surveys...ALMOST!!!" is in the Art Gallery Kimberley in the "Kootenay Creatures" show, from February 1-25. Please visit their website: www.artgallerykimberley.com

P.P.S. I know, I nag you, my Dear Subscribers, about enjoying life and finding joy. February 1st marks 24 years to the day that I had a blood clot that almost took my life. I am grateful for every swish of my brush and every scratch of my pencil. I nag you because I care.   xx

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