The Homesick Series

An artist opens their heart with every painting. They put pieces of the puzzle of who they are on each canvas. They cannot hold secrets and brushes at the same time.

There will always be a part of my soul in Quebec. I was born in Montreal and moved from there to the Eastern Townships; the countryside that people living in the city long for.

The experts tell you to paint what you know. What is familiar; close to your heart. Where you feel complete.

I live in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and am grateful to live in such a glorious location. However, at the same time, part of my heart will always remain in Quebec. I have to acknowledge that fact with my brushes as well. I am an artist with TWO definitions of "home".

That's how my Homesick Series started. I was enjoying being a Rocky Mountain Artist with the encouragement of friends, wonderful comments from clients and the success of sales. Still, my heart was nudging me to paint scenes from Quebec. Places I loved when I lived there but didn't have the skills to capture on canvas or paper at that time.

Sometimes, it will be a photograph that inspires me to paint a Quebec scene. Memories selected from daydreaming while drinking my morning coffee are a wonderful resource as well. When I need to "walk" in order to find a subject, I travel via Google Earth and wander my old haunts until I am inspired again.

The Quebec painting I most wanted to attempt took its time to exist. I had to wait until my skills caught up to the vision I had in my head of the final result. I'm happy to say that this painting now has a new home in Australia.

Another special place was Mr. Lefebvre's farm. His Clydesdale horse Queenie and his collie Finette were my best friends when I was a child. The painting literally arrived in a dream, hence the title, "My Dream Took me to Mr. Lefebvre's Farm".

There will always be the two places in my heart. Competing for attention, to be the next captured on canvas or paper. Each one loudly singing of how important each one is in my life and how much my life has been touched by living there.

Thank you for spending this time with me,

Lori  xx

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