Teddy & Me

To do your best; to BE your best, is a long, twisty road. Lots of roots underfoot to trip you up if you're not careful.

Thankfully, I have Teddy.

No, I'm not talking about THIS Teddy, although I'm happy to report that we just celebrated the beginning of six DECADES together. He holds all of my secrets and is my oldest friend.

No, I'm talking about Theodore Roosevelt. You see, we share the same birthday, October 27th. (104 years apart, thank you very much!!!) Theodore Roosevelt despised being called "Teddy", but that's how history remembers him. When I look at his portrait by John Singer Sargent, that's the name that comes to mind.
Before you click away, don't worry! This won't be a history lesson. What I did want to say is that when you share your birthday with a larger than life historical figure, it can be a wonderful inspiration.
Scorpios have a determination that is...frustrating to everyone around them! The words, "You CAN'T!" and, "NO!", are simply fuel for our machines. The anger that wells up in our hearts hearing those words keeps us going long after most people would have given up.
I imagine T.R. was a handful as well and laugh at that similarity between us. I also share his love of reading. Like him, I am constantly writing lists of what to learn about next.
I have been to the Natural History Museum in New York and have looked up at the statue of my hero and fellow Scorpio. I have read about how, as President of the United States, he would cut meetings short in order to go on a promised fishing expedition with his boys. During the time in the White House, the walls must have echoed with loud laughter at all hours.
Those are the traits I want to share with T.R. He endured unimaginable grief and day to day frustrations as we all do. However, whenever an artist tried to capture his face, it was the face of a determined lion, or a laughing, fearless boy.
Thank you for spending this time with me,
Lori   xx

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