The Loss of a Master

Do you remember going to an assembly in Elementary school? You would sit cross-legged on the floor, paying strict attention to the upcoming events as they were read out.

Now, imagine being all grown up and standing in a long line for the PRIVILEGE of sitting on a floor to watch someone draw. This was the scene in Paris recently at the Daniel Maghen Gallery. Kim Jung Gi was exhibiting work and also drawing before his adoring fans.

Kim Jung Gi died on October 3rd at the age of 47. The art community has lost one of OUR Superheroes. We are bereft.

You need to hear what I'm trying to tell you. If someone in Paris thought, "Oh, I'd like to go and see him work, but I'll catch him next time"; there won't BE a next time.

Once the event in Paris wrapped up, Kim Jung Gi was supposed to head to this year's Comic-con. The table reserved for him became a memorial, with artists stopping quietly to draw and leave notes of gratitude to him.

If you have a passion and have a chance to see a Master practicing their craft, DO NOT put if off. Go to work tired the next day, but don't miss that moment.

You ask, "Lori, is it true that you drove for two hours in an epic Canadian Rockies snowstorm to see the Ballet Jorgen Company perform Swan Lake?" YOU BET I DID!!!

In case you were wondering, deserve it! But not only that: the Master of that Craft deserves to be appreciated in person. You are honouring the Master face to face.

No, Christopher Plummer didn't look into my eyes when he performed Shakespeare in Banff, reciting the magical words as only he could. However, when the collective cheer went up at the end of the performance, he HEARD it. He SAW everyone leap to their feet. We were, as one, honouring a Master at his craft.

Thank you for spending this time with me,

Lori   xx

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